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What is Spam?
Spam, or Junk Mail as it is sometimes called, is an email (or emails) that you receive very much against your will. It usually is sent from people that does not genuinely enquire something from you but who normally want you to look at something that they are selling.

Delete them one by one:
There are basically 2 ways that are used for dealing with spam: anti spam filtering and white listing of email addresses. Let us focus on free spam solutions as most of us just want to get an easier way to deal with spam than to delete them one by one.

Setup message rules in Outlook Express: Do not worry if you haven't done this yet.  It is very straight forward.  You can very easily setup message rules to delete the spam automatically by using the "Message/Create Rule From Message" function from the menu bar.

Now this might have helped at some stage but recently the spammers started using other ways of sending the spam that can not be filtered using the simple message rules system of your email software.

Spam Filtering Software:
Other than filtering your emails you can also buy anti spam software online.  Some of these operate as spam filtering software while other may be a total anti spam solution software package.  As the naming suggests, you will have to pay for using them and normally results are not guaranteed.

Spam Filtering Services:
An alternative spam filtering solution would be by making use of online spam filtering services.  A spam filtering service will normally ask a monthly fee to filter your email for you.

Free Spam Filtering Service:
But what would you say if I said you can now filter all your emails from spam without having to pay for it?  And all it takes is a few steps.


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